The Glasgow School

Glasgow School of Art Aid

Chapter VII.
The Town Council & City Officials, 1891

The following are the members of Council and officials, as given in the official directory:—

Lord Provost,
Dean of Guild,
Deacon Convener,
Bailie of Provan,
John Muir of Deanston.
John Ure of Cairndhu, Helensburgh.
Thomas Mason, 25 Clyde Place, S.S.
Thomas A. Mathieson.

1st Ward.
Hugh Thomson,
John M’Phun,
Alexander Waddel,
48 Canning Street.
38 Mill St., Bridgeton.
44 Canning Street.
2nd Ward.
William Ure,
James H. Martin, — Magistrate
James Martin, — Magistrate
157 Crownpoint St.
Whitevale Cross.
Whitevale Cross.
3rd Ward.
Hugh Brechin,—Depute River Bailie
Michael Simons,
James M. Jack,
32 Stirling Road.
93 Candleriggs.
28 St. Enoch’s Square.
4th Ward.
Archibald Neilson,
Peter Burt,
James M’Lennan, — Magistrate
167 Claythorn Street.
Henrietta Place.
42 St. Andrew’s Place.
5th Ward.
David Morrin, — Magistrate
William M’Kellar,
Robert Mitchell,
153 Parliamentary Rd.
123 Stirling Road.
20 Dixon Street.
6th Ward.
Alexander M’Laren,
John Neil,
Alexander Osborne,
11 Candleriggs.
22 North Albion St.
45 Candleriggs.
7th Ward.
Robert Murdoch
Henry M’Pherson,
Thomas Watson, — City Treasurer
23 Robertson Street.
62 Queen Street.
225 Buchanan Street.
8th Ward.
Archibald Dunlop,
Thomas Cumming, — Magistrate, —
James Bell,
23 Bothwell Street.
23 Bothwell Street.
202 St. Vincent Street.
9th Ward.
James Parnie,
James Colquhoun,
Thomas C. Guthrie,
27 Union Street.
158 St. Vincent Street.
29 Waterloo Street.
10th Ward.
James Gray, — Master of Works,
Robert Crawford,
Robert Graham, — Magistrate,
43 Argyle Street.
84 Millar Street.
61 Eglinton Street.
11th Ward.
Samuel Chisholm,
John Muir,
William Pettigrew, — River Bailie, —
10 York Street.
22 West Nile Street.
109 Sauchiehall Street.
12th Ward.
James Alexander,
James Hunter Dickson,
John M’Farlane, — Magistrate, —
123 North Street.
123 North Street.
151 North Street.
13th Ward.
William Bilsland,
Hugh Wallace,
Angus Campbell,
43 Hydepark Street.
30 Havelock Street.
109 W. Campbell St.
14th Ward.
William Wilson,
Henry Tait,
David Richmond,
42 Glassford Street.
65 W. Regent Street.
35 Rose Street.
15th Ward.
William Stevenson, Magistrate,
David Bowman, Magistrate,
Walter Wilson,
21 Clyde Place.
25 Nicholson Street.
80 Jamaica Street.
16th Ward.
John Shearer,
John Ure Primrose,
Walter Paton, — Magistrate, —
247 Paisley Road.
107 Centre Street.
73 Virginia Street.

Sir James D. Marwick, LL.D.,
Robert Renwick,
James G. Munro,
James Nicol,
T. E. Robinson, C.A.,
William Gibb,
A. B. Macdonald,
John White,
John Lang,
John Boyd,
William Shaw,
Archibald Sinclair,
George Young,
Peter Taylor Young,
William Veitch Orr,
George Paterson,
James Muirhead,
James Henry,
Hector M’Leod,
William M’Leod,
Town Clerk.
Deputy Town Clerk.
Deputy Town Clerk.
City Chamberlain.
Registrar and City Accountant.
City Engineer.
Master of Works.
Chief Constable.
Interim Procurator-Fiscal.
Joint Fiscal in River Bailie Court.
Assessors and Clerks of Police Courts.
Assessors and Clerks of Police Courts.
Assessors and Clerks of Police Courts.
Assessors and Clerks of Police Courts.
Assessor and Clerk to River Bailie Court.
Assessor under Lands Valuation Act.
Council Officer.
Chamber Keeper.


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