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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert,
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In our own city we have had in the same period of time, each in his own sphere, men of distinguished renown: Sir William Thomson, a prince in science; Henry Bell, Robert and David Napier, and John Elder, in the shipbuilding and engineering world; Sir Archibald Alison and Henry Glassford Bell, in law and literature; and in the Church we have had such good and great men as Thomas Chalmers, Norman Macleod, John Caird, John Eadie, Patrick Fairbairn, Robert Buchanan, Ralph Wardlaw, and the good and gifted, if erratic genius, Edward Irving. Glasgow, too, has been well to the front in the great discoveries, and applications of such, in science, industry, and commerce, which have aided so much in the advancement of civilization during the reign of Victoria, Our harbour, from Broomielaw to Govan Ferry, is two-and-a-half miles long, having a quayage capacity of four miles on the north, and of two miles on the south of the river. There are twenty thousand arrivals of vessels of various kinds, from all quarters of the globe, in a year, representing cargoes to the extent of four millions of tons. We launch, every year, three hundred vessels of .all sizes, representing an aggregate measurement of five hundred thousand tons, and these vessels plough every sea and convey merchandise to and from all lands. Whilst we glory therefore, at the grand position which our beloved land holds amongst the nations, and whilst we fervently say in our hearts, “God save the Queen,” may we ever rejoice in the dear old motto on our City Arms, “Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of the Word!” and may we endeavour to make our lives not only acceptable to our God and Father, but an enduring honour to this great city.


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