Phantoms of the Hudson Valley

The Romance of the Hudson
Part I

By Benson John Lossing

(1813 - 1891)
Published 1876

Fancy and imagination have not the monopoly of romance. Truth justly claims a share, for her pencilings are sometimes as brilliant and wonderful as the wildest ream.

Between the time of its discovery and to-day what marvelous scenes have been witnessed upon the bosom and along the borders of the Hudson River! Their record would fill a hundred volumes, and every incident would be the theme of a romantic story. Almost as wild as a Scandinavian saga, or the later song of the Nibelungen1, is the story of Henry Hudson's fight with the ice-pack on the dark and

The Discovery of the Hudson
The Discovery of the Hudson.

1 German Mythology. The Nibelungen were a race of dwarves, who hoarded an immense treasure of gold and jewels.

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