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New England

[Note: items noted here are of topical interest rather than a specific geographic area. See also individual states and counties.]

625 Choice Recipes, Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke, 1886. Recipes submitted and compiled by the female members of this church located in Holyoke, MA and are likely typical recipes used at this time. Interesting highlights: Many well-known Holyoke surnames, and a section devoted to recipes for the sick.

Business Life In Early New England, Rev. Anson Titus, originally published in 1888. Discussion of early enterprise in New England, with emphasis upon dual responsibility of farming while maintaing a trade.

Colonial Architecture, written by By E. C. Gardner. Early American architecture and the various styles and origins includes information on early architectural resource guides. Illustrated with many western MA designs; originally published in New England Magazine, 1898.

Customs and Fashions in Old New England, Customs and Fashions in Old New England by Alice Morse Earle, originally published in 1893 (about 400 pages). The author, a well-know antiquarian of her day, discusses the day-to-day life and culture in Early New England. Topics range from birth to death and include: Courtship, Domestic Service, Books, Taverns, Holidays, Sports and Clothing..

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days, Curious Punishments of Bygone Days, by Alice Morse Earle. A historical description of the various crimes and punishments used during the colonial period including bilboes, ducking stool, stocks, pillory, whipping, scarlet letter, branks, and more.

The Early History of Children's Books in New England, The Early History of Children's Books in New England, by Charles Welsh. An overview of early reading material available to New England children, including some focus upon the well-known publisher John Newbery and many authors of the time.

The First New England Witch, by Willard H. Morse, originally published in 1885. William Morse and wife Elizabeth, were involved in an early witchcraft trial in Newbury, Massachusetts 1679-81 (predating the Salem trials). Article provides a version of this story.

New England Dialect, by By Isaac Bassett Choate, Bay State Monthly, 1888. The author attempts to show the origin of our New-England dialect, and to prove that all talk about an American language, as distinct from English, is without the shadow of reason in history or in common-sense.

The Railway Mail Service by Colonel Thomas P. Cheney (Superintendant of the New England railway mail service). An 1884 overview of how the railway postal system worked and increased efficiency.

The Massachusetts Slave Trade, written by Lilian Brandt. Scholarly article with primary sources cited on the early involvement of Massachusetts both directly and indirectly with the slave trade. Originally published in New England Magazine, 1899.

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